Studio Parties

Wild Pictures from the Studio Parties

Just prior to 2004, I took over the biggest baddest and best studio ever! It's huge and great and evolving into a much cooler studio/gallery. Not just a place for great parties!

The plan is to turn it into an Art Gallery for my own artwork. This will allow me to host and run my own art openings and this way there will be no commisions to pay. Another way to buy Chris Wright artwork direct! The first art opening and grand opening of the gallery will be aproximately about mid-March.

To break in the studio, there had to be a few parties and there was a camera present. There is a select number of these pictures in the collectors section. A treat for the collectors, and perhaps a little more incentive to attract new collectors.

I've been planning it for awhile but I'm not too sure if it is even a good idea.The thought structure goes as such. You, the collectors of my work, pay my bills. Every item of art that you purchase provides the funds neccessary to afford my new studio. I thought I would share some of the adventures of my studio with you, since in a way it is your studio too.

This collectors section is limited to owners of Chris Wright artwork.

I'm really curious to hear what everyone thinks of this party behaviour. Does it mesh with the Chris Wright image? Is it something that should be associated with my art? Does it bring more personality to the artwork or detract from it? Did I already cross that line with the Drunk Chick Cards? Please email any opinions!

If you don't have a password to this secret section then please email myself at or contact the person you purchased the artwork through.