May 24 Weekend
the 2nd night

Keeping with the tradition of crazy May 24 weekends, 2004 was no exception. True, I didn't camp, which is the correct thing to do May24.

Instead, the weekend started with the wine saturated art show Friday. Saturday surprise special guests Katzen and Enigma!

The flash didn't go off in this picture.

They are the nicest and friendliest people. I'm boring in that I would never get horns or whiskers although it would make family reunions funny. Probably wouldn't get a full body tattoo either.

This is me beating up Enigma , tee hee.

Katzen is awfully sexy. The no cigarette rule makes an exception for Katzen.

Here is Katzen and myself toasting to a toke. She purrs too.


Here is a link to Katzen and Enigma's website, "sideshow and rock-n-roll two great tastes that grate tastes together"

Their theme song reminds me of the music the dwarfs play at their festival in the movie Willow.