Drunk Chicks

Drunk Chick Trading Cards

The Drunk Chick Trading cards. Many many hours went into this silly and huge project of 36 paintings and illustrations and it is now finished. Drunk Chick Trading Cards! -well worth the look. Hilarious. These cards are hilarious, those who have had an opportunity to see the preproofs have laughed out loud with only a couple exceptions in Vancouver where some hippy's took offense. They liked the art , just not the content! Those crazy hippies! Wait 'til you see em! The sneak preview is here! http://DrunkTrade.com

Ad's are under construction and are soon to appear around the world.

Be one of the first to see a sneak preview. http://DrunkTrade.com

Join into the controversy! Watch as homemade propaghanda makes it's way into the limelight.

The full press release is available here: http://DrunkChickTradingCards.com/sample/press.htm