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The Here is what my current business card looks like. A Cleaner version is on it's way. One that doesn't offend my relatives.
It is the image I made for - Canada's best erotic art gallery.
Cards will be included with all purchases.


Contact Information

Christopher Wright

Phone number in Canada 1-(519)-697-1897

Mailing Address - Payments can be sent here.

Chris Wright
#72 - 2 Cadeau Terrace
London Ontario
n6k 4w5

Email Address=

ICQ # = 20620142 (Capn Snazzy)


Payment Types Accepted

Credit Cards accepted

- Visa
- MasterCard
- Discover
- Carte Blanche
- Diner's Card
- American Express
- Echeck

To pay through Credit Card, request a total and you will be e-mailed a page to pay with shipping, insurance etc configured for your your order.

Other Payment types accepted

- Checks (allow up to 3 weeks clearance for internation checks)
- Registered Checks
- Cash
(Our mailbox is locked and secure)
- Lego
(r) I'm a Lego addict
- Barter
(It's the Barter way to beat inflation!)


We will not be accepting Paypal payments.